​The Feline Diabetic Library

Posted by Melissa for PetTest on Sep 15th 2020

​The Feline Diabetic Library

Wow! We have our own library of entries now! How cool is that? A list of links and descriptions is below so you can look at what you need quickly and not have to read all my ramblings – though some of my crazy cat stories are totally worth it!

Welcome To Feline Diabetes – It’s Okay, Really! - An intro for newly diagnosed extra sweet kitties and their freaked out caregivers. (No worries, you go this).

Diet For The Diabetic Kitty – Loads of information on how to choose the right foods and find those nasty hidden carbs.

Help! My Kitty Will Not Eat! - Reasons and creative solutions.

Help! Kitty Eats and Screams for More! All…The…Time! – Understanding when and why this happens and how to satisfy kitty, keep their glucose controlled, and hold on to that last thread of sanity! J

Working Around the Multi-Fur Baby Household – Felines (and canines) abound – Managing special needs kitty with other pets around.

Changing and Shopping for New Vets – Vets quit, move, and retire; and sometimes, you just aren’t “feelin it”.

The Working Fur Parent - How To Bring Home the Bacon and Keep Kitty Healthy.

Budgeting and Saving Money on Diabetic Kitty Care

The Holiday Hogs – Dealing with visitors, discouraging table feeding, and keeping up with kitty diabetic needs.

Keeping Up With Kitty While You Are Down – We lowly servants get sick and injured too!

The Less Than Pleased Ruler – Keeping Kitty happy with their new diet.

The Cat and the Christmas Tree – Tips on dealing with injuries. True story, really!

Hypoglycemia: What, Why, and What To Do – Low blood sugar happens. Here is some help.

My Cat Ate What? - Pica and reasons why non-food items might be appealing.

Realistic Remission For Your Diabetic Cat – Everybody says six months, but there are other factors! It can take longer, and it is probably not anything you did!

Keto What? – Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) – not the human keto diet craze.

Dental Care – Myths and Practicalities – Cats need cleanings too!

Weight Management For Fur Babies – Deals with both underweight and overweight issues.

Skin Care: More Than Beauty Tips – Checking Kitty for abnormalities such as wounds, sensitivity problems (neuropathy), and other abnormalities.

Kitty Clipnosis – It Sounds Like a Disease But Isn’t!

Hair There and Everywhere – When Hair Loss Crosses the Line 

Keeping Calm When the World Goes Nuts – Creative Thinking During Crisis With Kitty  

Helping Hands and Paws – Coming Together to Help Each Other 

Are We Done Yet? – How You and Kitty Can Help During Coronavirus

Oral Diabetic Medications – Can Human T2D Meds Help a Diabetic Cat?

What’s In It For Me – A Tribute to Kitty

Are We There Yet? – A Guide to Travelling with Kitty

Emergency Management: Cat Edition – Planning for Emergencies

Quarantine and Isolation

– The Advantages (Yes, There Are Some!)

Hurry Up… And Wait – The COVID Effect

Long-Term Planning for Kitty – Accounting for "What Ifs"

Caregivers and Rehoming Extra Sweet Kitties – Defining Who Will Care for Kitty in the Event of _____.

Open For Business – Taking Care of Yourself First

CBD for Kitty – Is This a Thing?

Massage Therapy for Kitty – Lots of Benefits and Almost No Extra Work

Desensitization for You and Kitty – Getting Kitty “Used To” Being Handled

The Beauty of the Self-Centered Kitty – The Pros of Kitty's Self Sufficiency

Creative Financing With Less – Making Whatever Sized Budget Work for You and Kitty

The Audacity of the Ruling Kitty – Wait, Cats Can't be Manipulative, Can They?

Back to School – Keeping Kitty Active

The Sea of Information – Right, Wrong, and Where to Start

For The Love Of Food – What Is Going to Work for Your Kitty!

For The Love Of Food II – The Raw Diet Overview