CBD for Pets

What Exactly Is CBD?

np-bottle-image.pngCannabinoids, or CBD for short, are types of compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant. As of late, CBD is all the rage for humans and even pets, but could it be helpful for your particular dog or cat? Read on to learn about CBD for pets from our partner brand Noble Paws! 

By promoting a healthy endocannabinoid system, continued use of CBD oil may:

  • Help maintain healthy joints
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Help regulate sleep cycles
  • Reduce stress and anxiousness
  • Promote a healthy digestion

As with everything you put into your pet's body, you should use care and check with your trusted veterinarian first. CBD products could just be a game changer for you and your pets! 

Introducing Noble Paws

If you have wanted to try CBD oil for pets for a while, now is the time! Our partner brand, Noble Paws, donates a bottle of CBD to a shelter every time one is bought, so your purchase really makes a difference! The benefits of CBD for shelter animals is huge, as many experience anxiety before they're adopted. With CBD products for dogs and cats, these animals can have an easier time feeling calm in an environment that’s otherwise stressful.

Noble Paws was designed to help animals in shelters through the power of hemp. Hemp is well known to provide countless health benefits and designed to help regulate the body and mind. The program is simple… when you buy Pet Hemp Oil for your best friend, they donate Pet Hemp Oil to a shelter. In addition, they also sponsor pet events, provide fun toys, and help shelter animals get adopted! Buy CBD for pets today to help your own furry friend and an animal that’s in need and searching for their forever home!

Contact for more information about the CBD products designed for dogs and cat. Make a difference in your pet’s life today!


The feeling you get when you simultaneously help your pet and one in a shelter awaiting its “furever” home is unmatched!