Large Back In Black Nitrile Gloves (100/box)

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Product Overview

Med Express Back in Black Nitrile Exam gloves are the ideal solution for users requiring advanced medical grade protection. Each day professionals are exposed to a wide variety of viruses, harmful micro-organisms, bodily fluids, oils, solvents, contaminants, toxins, chemicals, blood borne pathogens, and other harmful substances you may not realize. Med Express gloves consistently deliver trustworthy barrier protection, enhanced performance, improved comfort, and the prime choice for professionals worldwide.

Engineered to safeguard workers in demanding medical applications, Med Express gloves are thicker and stronger for improved puncture resistance. Heavy-duty, durable, and more than twice as thick as typical nitrile gloves, they provide the extra defense for challenging situations. These exam gloves offer superior elasticity and tensile strength, while less likely to tear compared to latex. Their excellent tactile sensitivity, softness, flexibility, and dexterity allow for extended wear. That means fewer glove changes, more time on the job, and savings to your bottom-line.

Carefully manufactured from 100% synthetic soft, nitrile, a non-allergenic, non-irritating, and non-toxic synthetic compound free of rubber proteins, helping protect you from Type I (latex) allergies. Latex-Free gloves minimize the risk of allergic reaction and perfect alternative for individuals at risk of becoming sensitive to latex. Their powder-free finish helps prevent contact dermatitis, skin irritation, allergies, dryness, and spreading bacteria. Powderless gloves leave no residue, reducing the risk of cross contamination, making them suitable for use in electronic components, forensic and laboratory applications. Their textured finish promises reliable gripping power in dry, wet, or even oily conditions enhancing safety when working with tattoo guns, precision instruments, tools, or administering injections.

The entire Med Express portfolio is produced by the world’s largest glove manufacturer in conformance to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 international quality standards. Their 25-year record of stringent quality control procedures in its twenty-eight factories assures users peace of mind knowing that their hands are fully protected. All examination gloves are FDA 510(k) approved for medical use, comply with FDA regulations for food contact 21 CFR 177.2600, and designed to meet or exceed all industry standards for safety and quality. Additionally, Med Express medical grade gloves meet or exceed ASTM F1671 Standards for resistance to penetration by blood borne pathogens protecting workers from HIV, HPV, and other threats.

These examination gloves feature an ambidextrous fit with beaded cuffs that prevent glove rolldown/rollback and provide drip protection for the forearm. They feature a distinct black color that masks inks, stains, grease, and dyes to ensure workers maintain a clean, professional look. The polymer coating makes them easy to pull on and take off, and wear comfortably. Offered in sizes Small (N-BPF-200), Medium (N-BPF-300), Large (N-BPF-400), and X-Large (N-BPF-500). Additional product details and attributes may be found on the specification sheet located within the images.

As the primary choice for piercing and tattoo artists, chemists and laboratory technicians, automotive and manufacturing workers, healthcare and veterinary staffs, law enforcement and corrections officers, and countless other professionals worldwide, Med Express Black Nitrile Exam Grade gloves are recognized as a dependable option for those requiring superior protection against punctures, blood borne pathogens, chemicals, and other potentially damaging substances. Buy yours today and save by ordering by-the-case!

  • Shields against chemicals, fluids, viruses, & other threats
  • Latex-Free protein content protects from TYPE I allergies
  • Textured for gripping tattoo guns, utensils, tools & parts
  • Powder-Free reduces irritation, dryness & dermatitis
  • ASTM F1671 Certified for resistance to blood borne pathogens


(No reviews yet) Write a Review