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Welcome to your newest resource to help your patients and customers navigate pet diabetes. We are here to support veterinarian's efforts to guide their customers through pet diabetes - in between office visits, of course. PetTest always recommends vet visits when in doubt, and in no way are we a replacement for the pros... that's you! Stock up on veterinary diabetic supplies, so you can easily care for that animals that come into your vet clinic. 

Below, you'll find just a few of the tools PetTest can offer, starting with a sign up form to get an exclusive login for your veterinarian practice. Once enrolled, you'll get access to special newsletters, VIP pricing should you choose to carry the PetTest brand, and veterinary diabetic testing software downloads to help your PetTest meter seamlessly communicate with you or your customer's PCs.

Blogs by Industry Experts

american-animal-hospital-association-aaha-logo-vector.pngNext is our acclaimed blog series, written and curated by experts in the fields of canine and feline diabetes... experts who also happen to be administrators of the largest social media groups focused on the topics. Our bloggers were carefully picked, and represent the most accurate, clinically-minded communities to give our customers peace-of-mind in between vet visits. Our very own Michelle for PetTest is an AAHA Accredited Diabetes Instructor! To get your patients started, tell them to bookmark the PetTest blog here or by clicking the image of the vet with dog and cat above. You may want to bookmark it yourself, or perhaps leave a comment as an expert and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)! You and your patients can learn all about the best veterinary diabetic supplies PetTest has to offer as well as the best ways of caring for diabetic dogs and cats.

Download PetTest Software for PC

pettest-meter-in-hand.pngWe invite our veterinarians, vet techs, and customers alike to download our PetTest PC Software by clicking here or on the PetTest Meter to the right.  We are always looking to improve the experience our customers and vets have while using PetTest, so if there is a feature missing or change you'd like to request, let us know on the form below or by emailing us directly at

NOTE: The PetTest veterinary diabetic testing software link will specifically require a Mini USB style cable to enable your PetTest meter to sync with your computer, allowing you to journal your results. If you don't already have a Mini USB cable, you can purchase one here

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