Here at PetTest, we listen - REALLY listen to our Customers! It is well-known that the most important consideration for most of our users is accuracy, something we pride ourselves on. Convenience is another pillar of PetTest, and we seek to make your experience using our Blood Glucose Monitoring System as user-friendly and easy as possible! After all, PetTest was the first meter in the pet market to introduce no-coding required test strips and many other innovations.

Another part of that convenient experience is using our PetTest Digital Companion App, which will have some amazing upgrades coming around the corner soon. Through the vastly improved app, you will be able to wirelessly transmit data from your NEW PetTest PetLink+ Blood Glucose Meter.

The best part? The PetLink+ uses the same reliable, affordable foil wrapped test strips as the previous meter. We've upgraded some things, but almost equally important these days - left alone what is already working great. It can be stressful to have a diabetic pet, no question. Your meter should not be anything but a breeze to use.

PetTest is proud to announce the perfect balance between high-tech and tried-and-true: PetLink+, coming soon. Sign up below for updates as they're available!