Our Environmental Commitment

Our Environmental Commitment
Pharma Supply, Inc. and our affiliates take pride in being responsible members of the environment at large.

We do our very best to encourage our staff to:

  • Be less reliant on paper copies of documents and move to a digital-first system
  • Print less, and print on both sides of the paper if absolutely necessary
  • Recycle in one of several receptacles located in our facilities
  • Use eco-friendly, reusable water bottles and refill them at one of several filtered water coolers around our offices
  • Participate in local environmental clean-ups, including one we organized detailed in the following press release

We have also taken great effort to outfit our newest, largest facility with low power-consumption LED light fixtures, eco-friendly appliances, and modern and efficient HVAC systems. Pharma Supply, Inc. will always strive to achieve, and exceed, all environmental standards as we continue to grow.