Under the Weather

Under the Weather Pet Food

When we feel sick, we turn to a gentle meal on the stomach like crackers or a bowl of homemade chicken soup. And when your pup doesn’t feel well, they also need easy-to-digest food. You can buy Under the Weather pet food for your pup at Pet Test. We have various flavors your dog will love, including:

  • Rice and chicken
  • Rice, chicken, and bone broth
  • Rice and salmon

This food is your top choice because it’s gentle on your dog’s stomach and made with human-grade ingredients! Plus, these special recipes have electrolytes, which may deplete if you dog has vomiting or diarrhea. Help them refuel with nourishment that’s healthy and tasty. When your pup doesn’t feel great, they deserve the best supplemental meals. Keeping your dog on a bland diet dog food helps prevent an upset stomach.

If you have questions about our Under the Weather pet food, please call us at 888-469-3579.