Vial Safe

Vial-Safe Insulin Vial Protector

Keeping your pet healthy is always a priority, and if your furry friend has diabetes, they need scheduled insulin injections. With Vial Safe insulin vial protectors, you can keep the insulin bottle secure and prevent the risk of it breaking if you drop it. We have 10mL and 20mL sizes to meet the needs of various shoppers. Insulin is vital to diabetic pets, and if the bottle breaks, you may not have more readily available. These vial protectors are durable and reusable—they’ve been created to last countless uses.

Mistakes happen, and there may be times when you knock over or drop your diabetic pet's insulin, so keep it secure with a Vial Safe insulin vial protector. Please call (888) 469-3579 if you have any questions regarding products in our online shop.