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We're thrilled to offer a NEW resource to Customers, Veterinarians, and anyone interested in learning more about Canine and Feline Diabetes.

As one of the most trusted manufacturers of high quality, accurate canine and feline diabetes meters and testing supplies, we invite you to view some of our most popular videos and learning resources below.

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Unboxing the PetTest Meter Kit!

Unboxing the PetTest Meter Kit!

Check out a Review of the NEW Easy to Open PetTest Foil Wrapped Test Strips!

NEW PetTest Easy Open Test Strip Packaging

Save Space with Stor-More from PetTest!

Save Space with Stor-More from PetTest!

Why You Should Choose PetTest for Your Diabetic Dog or Cat!

Why You Should Choose PetTest for Your Diabetic Dog or Cat!


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Trusted Facebook Partners

At PetTest, we prioritize the importance of accurate, SAFE information for our Customers, and not every Facebook community is created equal in this respect. Below, see the three Facebook community partners we trust... and consider joining!

Canine Diabetes Support and Information (CDSI) - We are made up of many individuals but are knit together by the common thread of coping with the care of our diabetic dogs. We exist exclusively to offer one another a safe haven - a respite - from the weariness, uncertainty and unknowns of canine diabetes. Both the well-being of dogs and their owners are of vital concern to us.

Diabetic Dog Owners (DDO) - A group of experienced, knowledgeable and caring people that have two simple goals: canine diabetes education and member support. A diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming, confusing and scary, but Diabetic Dog Owners will help with support and education. From injecting to testing to a shoulder to lean on we are here for you!

Feline Diabetes Support Group (FDSG) - We're devoted to helping you and your sugar kitty through the fight with diabetes. Home testing in the best weapon we have to fight this disease. 

Diabetic Dog Owners University

ddou-thinkific-join-v4-w-pt2-copy.jpgIn addition to blogs, videos, and information housed on our site, we are excited to link to an exciting new resource called Diabetic Dog Owners University, DDO-U!

Your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes and now you are faced with many questions and concerns.

How do you control this disease?  Can you give Fido treats?  Can your dog still go for hikes?  How do you handle a schedule change?  Can you control diabetes with diet alone?  Can Spot live a normal, healthy life?

Diabetic Dog Owners University, DDO-U, was created to help you address these concerns and many more.  DDO-U provides a free, easy to use learning platform to help diabetic dog owners learn the ins and outs of canine diabetes mellitus in pets (DM).

Please come join us in DDO-U as we work together to win the DM battle!  Knowledge is power!

PetTest is committed to helping you learn about pet diabetes, as well as provide helpful tips and resources on how to manage it.