Blog Library for Diabetic Dogs

Posted by Michelle for PetTest, AAHA Certified Diabetes Educator on Feb 11th 2021

Blog Library for Diabetic Dogs

Today we recap the blogs posted to date. We have built quite a library for your perusing pleasure. We will write once a week and that blog will likely be posted on Tuesdays. To that end, here is a complete list of all the blogs written to date. Just click on the blue, underlined topic and you will be taken to that specific blog post.

03/02/2022 Managing Canine Diabetes on a Budget - Tips for saving money will managing canine diabetes.
02/17/2022 Collagen Supplements for Our Dogs - Benefits of collagen supplements for our dogs.
02/10/2022 PetTest Product Spotlight: Vial Safe Insulin Vial Protectors - Vial Safe and more!
02/02/2022 Addison's Disease (hypoadrenocorticism) - Explanation of Addison's Disease.
01/27/2022 All About Blood Glucose Meters - How blood glucose meters work.
01/19/2022 Insulin Around the World - Types and names of insulin in different parts of the world.
01/13/2022 You Want Me to Do What? - Tips to help manage canine diabetes successfully.
01/07/2022 Functions of the Canine Kidneys - Detailed explanation of what the kidneys do.
12/29/2021 Diabetes 411: Terminology Explained - Learn common terms when it comes to canine diabetes.
12/21/2021 Christmas Treats for Your Diabetic Dog! - Healthy treats for your diabetic dog!
12/09/2021 Caregiver Check-In - Take some time for you!
12/07/2021 PetTest Product Spotlight - Products you should have in your diabetes arsenal!
11/30/2021 Canine Diabetes Education - The DDO-U: Diabetic Dog Owners University - A breakdown of each module in our free online course.
11/19/2021 Type 1, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Insulin Resistance - Brief explanations of each disease.
11/10/2021 The Discovery of Insulin - A slideshow of the discovery of insulin.
11/04/2021 The History of Diabetes Mellitus - A timeline of diabetes mellitus in slideshow format.
10/29/2021 Dealing with Grief - Grieving the loss of our dogs.
10/22/2021 Insulin - Pen Cartridges vs. Vials - An explanation of pen cartridges and vials.
10/14/2021 Fall is Here! - Holidays are upon us, what do do if our dogs get into a no-no!
10/07/2021 Fructosamine Tests - What is a fructosamine test?  Are they necessary?  Find out here!
10/01/2021 Celebrating Milestones - Whether you gave insulin for the first time or your dog has been diabetic for 3 years...CELEBRATE!
Size Matters! The Importance of Needle Length - Why you need the appropriate length needles when injecting insulin.
09/16/2021 Exercise and Your Diabetic Dog -  A quick breakdown on steps to ensure you can safely exercise your diabetic dog.
09/08/2021 FAQ: Part 2 (Frequently Asked Questions) - More questions answered that are most asked.
09/02/2021 FAQ: Part 1 (Frequently Asked Questions) - Questions that are asked frequently.
08/27/2021 The Most Special Dog EVER! - Celebrating the life of the most special diabetic dog there ever was.
08/17/2021 Recap: Insulin - A refresher on how to handle commonly used insulin in dogs.
08/09/2021 The Diabetes Arsenal - Everything you need for your diabetic dog (besides insulin).
08/03/2021 Product Spotlight:  Glucose SOS Energy Boost for Pets - Why you need this product in your diabetes arsenal.
07/28/20201 Glucose: What Is It?  How Is It Made?  Why Is It Needed? - Learn about glucose!
07/21/2021 Traveling with a Diabetic Dog - Tips on traveling, information for flying with a dog.
07/14/2021 Diabetic Dogs: Nutrition Edition - A breakdown of nutritional needs and the importance of weighing food.
07/08/2021 The Canine Pancreas: Its Function - Functions of the pancreas.
06/30/2021 What is Cushing's Disease (Hyperadrenocorticism)? - A breakdown of Cushing's Disease.
06/25/2021 Calming Aids for the Fourth of July - products and tips to help with anxiety.
06/22/2021 What Causes Insulin Resistance? - Some causes for insulin resistance in a diabetic dog.
06/16/2021 How to Keep a Hot Dog Cool - tips and products for keeping our dogs cool.
06/09/2021 Check...Check...Check...Caregiver Check-In! - Take care of yourself!
06/03/2021 Oh No!  High Blood Glucose Levels! - Different causes of high blood glucose levels.
05/27/2021 Functions of the Canine Liver - A quick breakdown of what the liver does.
05/19/2021 PetTest Products on the Horizon! - New products coming to the PetTest site soon.
05/13/2021 Supplements for Diabetic Dogs: Part 2 - Hip and joint, kidney, liver and taurine supplements.
05/06/2021 Supplements for Diabetic Dogs: Part 1 - D-Mannose, eye, diabetic neuropathy, omega-3 fatty acids and digestive enzymes supplements.
04/27/2021 PetTest Digital Companion Tutorial - Download this app without problem following the tutorial.
04/21/2021 Calculating Carbohydrates and Dry Matter Basis (DMB) - Learn how to calculate carbs & DMB!
04/14/2021 Diabetic Dogs and Pancreatitis - Symptoms, treatment and aftercare 
04/06/2021 Diabetic Dogs and Eye Health:  Cataract Surgery - Interview about cataract surgery, cost, medication schedule and more!
04/01/2021 Diabetic Dogs and Eye Health: The Basics - tips for your dogs overall eye health and common eye issues.
03/24/2021 Being Prepared for an Emergency or Natural Disaster - tips for being prepared just in case!
03/18/2021 Dental Tips for Diabetic Dogs - dental aids and procedures safe for diabetic dogs
03/11/2021 Tips for New Diabetic Fur Parents - Things I wish I was told as a newbie
03/04/2021 Treats, Treats and More Treats! - Healthy diabetic dog treats
02/23/2021 Diabetic Dogs and Weight Loss: Why They Los Weight and How to Correct This - Weight loss explained
02/18/2021 DDO-U: Diabetic Dog Owners University and "How It Came to Be" - The story of the DDO-U.
02/08/2021 Hypoglycemia - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
02/03/2021 Types of Blood Glucose Curves, Part 2 - Part 2 of a 2 part series explaining BG curves
01/26/2021 Types of Blood Glucose Curves, Part 1 - Part 1 of a 2 part series explaining BG curves
01/19/2021 When and Why You Need to Test Ketones in Urine - an explanation why testing for ketones is important.
01/12/2021 Comparing Insulin Types – Different types of insulin we commonly use.
01/05/2021 Vet Information and Warning Signs – Having vet information ahead of time, common issues that diabetic dogs have.
12/29/2020 The Danger of Bloat in Dogs – Explanation of bloat and procedures to correct it.
12/22/2020 Getting a Good Blood Sample – Tips and suggestions for getting blood samples.
12/16/2020 Carbohydrates – Simple and Complex – Explanation of simple and complex carbs.
12/08/2020 Diabetic Essentials Shopping List – Essential items and why we need them.
12/03/2020 Toxic Foods for Dogs – Toxic foods along with links and phone numbers.
12/01/2020 The Importance of Home Testing – Why we need to test blood glucose.
11/25/2020 Caregiver Check-In – A reminder to take care of yourself.
11/17/2020 The Importance of Spaying Your Diabetic Female Dog – Why spaying is crucial for your diabetic gal.
11/10/2020 Insulin Syringes: A Thorough Breakdown – Simple breakdown of syringes.
11/04/2020 Functions of the Canine Pancreas – How the pancreas works.
10/28/2020 The Holidays Are Coming…Keep Your Diabetic Dog Safe -
10/20/2020 How to be a “Super Sleuth With Your Diabetic Dog – reading your log to help figure out what is going on with your diabetic dog.
10/13/2020 How to Entice Your Pup to Eat – Suggestions on toppers to entice your dog to eat.
10/07/2020 What Do I Need for My Newly Diagnosed Diabetic Dog? – Shopping list for your diabetic dog.
09/30/2020 Halloween and Your Diabetic Dog -
09/22/2020 Let’s Talk Superfoods For Your Diabetic Dog – A look at superfoods for your dog.
09/15/2020 Transitioning From Summer to Autumn with a Diabetic Dog – Dealing with weather change.
09/06/2020 Preserving Vision in Your Diabetic Dog – Taking care of your dogs eyes.
09/01/2020 Your Dog is Newly Diagnosed Diabetic – What to expect with canine diabetes.
08/25/2020 Are You Ready to Evacuate With Your Diabetic Dog? – Reminders of what you need if you need to evacuate.
08/18/2020 Storm Season Is Upon Us…Be Ready for Your Diabetic Dog – Tips on helping your diabetic dog through storms.
08/04/2020 Shopping for Your Diabetic Dog – Shopping list of important supplies.
07/28/2020 How Food and Insulin Work Together – Understanding how the two work together.
07/21/2020 Keeping Your Diabetic Dog Hydrated - Very important this time of year.
07/14/2020 So Now You Have A Diabetic Dog - How life may change for you now.
07/07/2020 The PetTest Genteel For Your Diabetic Dog - Announcing the new painless lancing device.
06/30/2020 The 4th of July With Your Diabetic Dog - Preparing for the loudest holiday.
06/23/2020 Are You Stressing Your Diabetic Dog? - How to keep minimal stress in your pup's life.
06/16/2020 Coconut Oil and Your Diabetic Dog - Should you or shouldn't you give your pup coconut oil?
06/09/2020 Summer Heat and Your Diabetic Dog - How to manage the summer heat with your pup.
06/02/2020 Is Your Team In Place For Your Diabetic Dog? - It takes a village to manage a diabetic dog.
05/26/2020 Ear Infections In Your Diabetic Dog - What causes them and how to get rid of them.
05/19/2020 What Are We So Afraid Of With Our Diabetic Dog - An encouragement to learn to home test.
05/12/2020 Lyme Disease and Your Diabetic Dog - May is Lyme Disease Awareness month. Learn what to look for.
05/05/2020 Get Your "Go Bag" Ready for Your Diabetic Dog - It's time to get ready to evacuate if needed.
04/28/2020 Don't Give Up On Your Diabetic Dog - It's easy to get discouraged... don't.
04/21/2020 Allergies and Your Diabetic Dog - an update on treating seasonal allergies.
04/14/2020 Easy Open Strips For Your Diabetic Dog - The new PetTest strips are available.
04/07/2020 Being Prepared For Your Diabetic Dog During the Pandemic - Don't get caught with no supplies.
03/31/2020 Ahhhhhh Spring With Your Diabetic Dog - Spring is here, what to look out for.
03/24/2020 Sheltering In Place With Your Diabetic Dog - Some tips on how to shelter in place with your pup.
03/17/2020 Why It's Important To Keep Up With Your Diabetic Dog's Teeth - What to watch for.
03/10/2020 Check Your Food Sources For Your Diabetic Dog - Do your research.
03/03/2020 Insulin and Your Diabetic Dog - How to know if your insulin needs to be changed out.
02/25/2020 The Supplies Every Newly Diagnosed Diabetic Dog Needs – Supplies to have on hand.
02/18/2020 Testimonial of a Diabetic Dog Dad – A testimony from a seasoned sugar pup dad.
02/11/2020 Safety Lancets for Your Diabetic Dog – Info on a tiny alternative to a traditional lancing device.
02/04/2020 Transitioning Your Diabetic Dog’s Food – Transitioning from old food to the new food.
01/24/2020 So Now You Have a Diabetic Dog Pt 4 – Part 1 of “So You Have a Diabetic Dog”.
01/22/2020 So Now You Have a Diabetic Dog Pt 3 – Part 3 of “So You Have a Diabetic Dog”.
01/20/2020 So Now You Have a Diabetic Dog Pt 2 – Part 2 of “So You Have a Diabetic Dog”.
01/17/2020 So Now You Have a Diabetic Dog Pt 1 – How will things change.
01/15/2020 Preparing Insulin Dose for Your Diabetic Dog – A step by step on how to draw a dose of insulin.
01/13/2020 Hygiene and Your Diabetic Dog – The 5 grooming chores to keep on top of.
01/10/2020 Your Stress and Your Diabetic Dog – There is a correlation between your stress and your dog’s stress.
01/08/2020 Fine Tuning Your Diabetic Dog – You’re so close to great numbers
01/06/2020 How Long Until Regulation in Your Diabetic Dog – Every dog is different.
01/03/2020 It’s a New Year with Your Diabetic Dog - New Year, clean slate.
01/01/2020 What If My Vet Says No – Navigating this disease with your vet.
12/30/2019 Taking Responsibility for Your Diabetic Dog - It’s up to us to keep our pups safe.
12/27/2019 Comparing Meter Readings on Your Diabetic Dog – Why comparing two meters can be frustrating.
12/25/2019 Medications and Your Diabetic Dog – Understanding how medications may be different now.
12/23/2019 Take Care of You for Your Diabetic Dog – How to manage this diagnosis with perspective
12/20/2019 Learn The Fundamentals for Your Diabetic Dog Pt. 2 – Continued fundamentals.
12/18/2019 Learn The Fundamentals for Your Diabetic Dog Pt. 1 – What are the fundamentals of this disease.
12/16/2019 Don’t be Fooled With Your Diabetic Dog – There is no “magic pill” for our pups.
12/13/2019 Oops, I Went Too Fast With My Diabetic Dog – How you may have missed your perfect dose.
12/11/2019 Curving Your Diabetic Dog Pt. 2 – More of the above.
12/09/2019 Curving Your Diabetic Dog Pt. 1 – How to and why curve.
12/06/2019 Journaling for Your Diabetic Dog – The importance of Journaling.
12/04/2019 Thank You From Our Diabetic Dogs – Thank you PetTest.
11/29/2019 Under The Weather with Your Diabetic Dog – A new product coming to
11/27/2019 Resist This Temptation with Your Diabetic Dog – Micromanaging your pup… Don’t!
11/25/2019 Bone Broth and Your Diabetic Dog – The superfood for you and your pup
11/22/2019 Injuries and Your Diabetic Dog – Tips and Tricks for recovery.
11/20/2019 Winter and Your Diabetic Dog – The things to watch for in winter specifically.
11/18/2019 Cushing’s and Diabetic Dogs - Can you manage these two diseases? Yes!
11/15/2019 Thyroid Issues and your Diabetic Dog – What to watch for when nothing is making sense.
11/13/2019 One Thing At A Time With My Diabetic Dog Pt. 2 - More of the same.
11/11/2019 One Thing At A Time With My Diabetic Do g Pt.1 - Make one change at a time when making tweaks.
11/08/2019 Why Should I Home Test My Diabetic Dog - The Importance of Testing.
11/06/2019 Testing Techniques and Your Diabetic Dog - Developing your own style.
11/04/2019 The Importance Of Being Alpha with Your Diabetic Dog - Understanding pack mentality.
11/01/2019 Transition from Sighted to Blind in Your Diabetic Dog - Tips and tricks for the transition
10/30/2019 Prevention and Your Diabetic Dog - How to prevent conditions from escalating.
10/28/2019 The Holidays and Your Diabetic Dog - How to get through the holiday season with your pup. Starting with Halloween.
10/25/2019 Winter is Coming For Your Diabetic Dog - Preparing for Winter storms.
10/21/2019 My Diabetic Dog Has Lost Weight - Some reasons why and how to get some weight back on.
10/18/2019 Celebrations With Your Diabetic Dog - You can still make a special day special.
10/16/2019 Having Trouble Getting Blood From Your Diabetic Dog? - Some tips and tricks to help.
10/14/2019 Don't Get Discouraged With Your Diabetic Dog - Just what the title says.
10/09/2019 Why Use a Pet Meter for Your Diabetic Dog – Getting accurate blood glucose results
10/07/2019 Pancreatitis and Your Diabetic Dog - What is it and how do we treat it.
10/04/2019 Time Changes and Your Diabetic Dog - How do we treat time changes with our "Sugar Pups".
10/02/2019 A Case Study In Allergies - Sweet little Ellie Jewel.
09/30/2019 D-Mannose And Your Diabetic Dog - What is it and why use it.
09/27/2019 If There Are Two of You Treating Your Diabetic Dog - Tips and tricks to prevent doubling of efforts.
09/25/2019 The Difference In Protocols For Your Diabetic Dog - The differences between human and canine diabetes protocols.
09/23/2019 The Importance of a Schedule For Your Diabetic Dog - Why a schedule is so important.
09/20/2019 A New Language For Your Diabetic Dog – A glossary of terms to know now that you have a Diabetic dog.
09/18/2019 What Happened to My Diabetic Dog's Numbers? - When season changes affect your pup.
09/16/2019 Never Chase High Number in Your Diabetic Dog - What has changed that caused your numbers to change?
09/13/2019 How To Find Community For My Diabetic Dog – A guide to finding a good group to support you in your Diabetic journey.
09/11/2019 How To Make Toppers For My Diabetic Dog – How to prepare the toppers for your pup’s meals.
09/09/2019 How Much Do I Feed My Diabetic Dog – How to calculate the correct number of calories for each meal for your Diabetic dog.
09/06/2019 Allergies and Your Diabetic Dog Part 2 – Dealing with environmental allergies in your pup.
09/04/2019 Allergies and Your Diabetic Dog Part 1 – Dealing with food allergies in your dog.
09/02/2019 Traveling With Your Diabetic Dog – How to plan an adventure with your Diabetic dog.
08/30/2019 Road Map to Success For Your Diabetic Dog Part 3 – The last in the 3 part series.
08/28/2019 Road Map to Success For Your Diabetic Dog Part 2 – A Continuation of Part 1.
08/26/2019 Road Map To Success For Your Diabetic Dog Part 1 – A step by step guide to successfully navigate a Canine Diabetes diagnosis.
08/23/2019 Nay-Sayers and Your Diabetic Dog – How to deal with those that don’t support you in your Diabetic journey with your dog.
08/21/2019 Self-Care and Your Diabetic Dog – Don’t forget to take care of yourself!
08/19/2019 The Bond with Your Diabetic Dog – A chat about how an already deep bond with your dog gets even deeper when they are diagnosed with Diabetes diagnosis.
08/14/2019 Can I Use CBD Oil For My Diabetic Dog – A post on the use of CBD oil in our Diabetic dogs.
08/12/2019 Can I Afford My Diabetic Dog – Ways to save money and shop “smart” for your Diabetic dog.
08/09/2019 What is A Good Range For My Diabetic Dog – What numbers are we looking for in our pup to keep them safe at all times.
08/07/2019 A Better Way To Treat Hypoglycemia In Your Diabetic Dog – Introduction to the Glucose SOS product.
08/05/2019 Vaccinating Your Diabetic Dog – Another frequently asked question by most Diabetic dog owners.
08/02/2019 Homemade Treats and Your Diabetic Dog Part 2 – How to make frozen treats for your pup.
07/31/2019 Homemade Treats and Your Diabetic Dog Part 1 – How to make baked treats for your pup.
07/29/2019 Did I Cause Diabetes In My Dog – The question that every Diabetic dog owner asks themselves.
07/26/2019 Handheld Meters 101 and Your Diabetic Dog – Understanding the basics of your hand held meter.
07/24/2019 Shopping List For Your Diabetic Dog – What you will need to have on hand when you have a Diabetic dog.
07/22/2019 Your Unspayed Diabetic Dog – The dangers of having an unspayed female diabetic dog are discussed in this post.
07/19/2019 Uh oh Fur Shots and Your Diabetic Dog – How to deal with a fur shot (when you don’t get the entire injection of insulin into your pup).
07/17/2019 Anesthesia and Your Diabetic Dog – How to prepare yourself and your pup for any type of surgery where anesthesia is used.
07/15/2019 Community For Your Diabetic Dog – Finding a group of like-minded, like-hearted people that are on the same journey that you are is so important.
07/12/2019 You, Your Vet and Your Diabetic Dog – This post is about the importance of having a good working relationship with your vet.
07/10/2019 Yikes! My Diabetic Dog Won’t Eat – A “how to” for getting your pup to eat at meal time.
07/05/2019 Dehydration and My Diabetic Dog – Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because your pup is drinking a lot, that dehydration is not a possibility.
07/03/2019 My Diabetic Dog has IBD – How to manage a pup with both Diabetes and Irritable Bowel Disorder.
07/01/2019 Home Cooking For My Diabetic Dog – Should you home cook?
06/28/2019 Fourth of July – Keeping your pup safe and calm.
06/26/2019 How Do I Safely Exercise My Diabetic Dog? – How to keep your pup safe and still enjoy activities.
06/24/2019 Will My Diabetic Dog Get Cataracts? – Understanding Diabetic cataracts and info on how to keep them away for as long as possible.
06/21/2019 Will an Infection Affect My Diabetic Dog Part 2 – Ear infections and allergies.
06/19/2019 Will an Infection Affect My Diabetic Dog Part 1 – UTIs and dental care.
06/17/2019 Perspective and Your Diabetic Dog – Just a reminder to relax a little.
06/14/2019 Change of Seasons For Your Diabetic Dog – How season changes can affect your pup.
06/12/2019 Are Your Ready To Evacuate With Your Diabetic Dog? – Be prepared for emergencies.
06/10/2019 Always Ask Why When It Comes To Your Diabetic Dog – Don’t be shy, ask WHY.
06/07/2019 When Do I Take My Diabetic Dog to the Vet Part 2 – DKA signs and symptoms.
06/05/2019 When Do I Take My Diabetic Dog to the Vet Part 1 – Pancreatitis, what to look for.
06/03/2019 Injection Sites For Your Diabetic Dog – Multiple injection options and how to use them in your favor.
05/31/2019 How To Properly Inject Your Diabetic Dog – Check your injection technique.
05/28/2019 Syringes For Beginners – Understanding what the numbers on the outside of the syringe box mean.
05/24/2019 Ketone Testing My Diabetic Dog – A very important home test that can save your pup’s life.
05/22/2019 Fructosamine Testing My Diabetic Dog – Should you do this test or not?
05/20/2019 Is My Diabetic Dog In Rebound (Somogyi) – A basic explanation of Rebound / Somogyi Effect.
05/17/2019 What Treats Can I Give My Diabetic Dog – Commercial and homemade treats.
05/15/2019 The Dance Between Food and Insulin – How food and insulin work together.
05/13/2019 Insulin and Syringes For My Diabetic Dog – What syringes go with which insulin.
05/10/2019 A Love Letter To Mom – Happy Mother’s Day from your Sugar Baby.
05/08/2019 Never Withhold Water From Your Diabetic Dog – Why you need to always provide water.
05/06/2019 How Do I Treat Low Numbers in My Diabetic Dog – How to treat a hypoglycemic event without over treating it.
05/03/2019 Let’s Do a Little Housekeeping – Tips on what you may have forgotten that are now important.
05/01/2019 How To Do a Curve on My Diabetic Dog (And Why) – Save some money and get more accurate data by testing blood glucose at home.
04/29/2019 Testing Your Diabetic Dog, A Deeper Dive – A better understanding of why testing is so important.
04/26/2019 What Do I Feed My Diabetic Dog – Guidelines on what food is best for you diabetic dog.
04/24/2019 More Supplies For Your Diabetic Dog – More items to have on hand.
04/22/2019 Supplies For Your Diabetic Dog – What items are helpful to have on hand.
04/19/2019 Why Home Testing Your Diabetic Dog Is So Critically Important – The title says it all.
04/18/2019 The Importance of Journaling – Suggestions on what information to keep track of.
04/16/2019 My Dog Has What? – This is a post about initial diagnosis of Canine Diabetes.
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Until next time...Enjoy the recap of all of the blogs that we have shared so far. If there is a topic that you would like to see covered, please either leave a comment below or feel free to send us an email at We welcome any ideas for topics or questions!