​Preserving Vision in Your Diabetic Dog

Posted by Nancy For PetTest, AAHA Certified Diabetes Educator on Sep 9th 2020

​Preserving Vision in Your Diabetic Dog

I know that this whole process is frightening and overwhelming, and one of the biggest fears is that your pup will lose their vision. We absolutely recommend that you take your pup to a canine ophthalmologist as soon as possible to get a baseline. Cataract surgery is very expensive, so not everyone can afford it for their pup.

There are some things that you can do to preserve your pup’s vision.

  1. Keep BG (Blood Glucose) under control. Keeping them as close to 200 at all times is the first thing to shoot for. Diabetic cataracts are caused by glucose settling in the lens and hardening.
  2. Adding a vision supplement is another option. OccuGlo is the preferred supplement and it comes in both powder form and capsule form. I would use the powder form to open and sprinkle on your pup’s food. The capsules with the oil in them are quite large and hard to administer.
  3. Getting a canine ophthalmologist is important for you to get a baseline for your pup. The first appointment is the most expensive one, so don’t freak out thinking that they will all be that expensive.

The ophthalmologist may have some other ideas to keep the cataracts at bay, so it’s worth the initial visit.

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