Pet Glucose Monitors

Diabetes Mellitus. It should be a four-letter word, but we can deal with it together. PetTest manufactures high-quality, accurate, and affordable solutions for the home glucose monitoring of canine and feline diabetes in between veterinarian visits. We've got everything your pup or kitty will need except the insulin! Buy the diabetic pet supplies you need from a company that prioritizes quality products. 

Our blood pet glucose monitoring system for cats and dogs with diabetes is designed for accurate, quick results so you can be on top of your pet’s diabetes management. Our extensive selection of products makes it simple to maintain your pet’s condition at home. If your dog or cat is newly diagnosed, we are here to help with anything you need. Browse our selection of accurate home glucose monitoring systems, pet diabetic test strips, and supplies. Our innovative products are guaranteed to deliver exceptional results for both you and your pets! 

Contact us if you have questions about our blood glucose monitoring systems for dogs and cats or other products in our shop. You’ll reach our team by calling 888-469-3579

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