​How to be a “Super Sleuth” with your Diabetic Dog

Posted by Nancy for PetTest, AAHA Certified Diabetes Educator on Oct 20th 2020

​How to be a “Super Sleuth” with your Diabetic Dog

So your pup has been diabetic for some time now and all of a sudden, numbers are getting wonky. What do you do? I hope that you’ve been journaling faithfully, because your journal is the only thing that can help you now...

Go back in your journal and see where you started on this journey. What was BG (blood glucose) when diagnosed? What was your starting dose? Now, flip forward to see when your insulin started to "work”. By that, I mean when did numbers start to come down? How long did it take for the new dose to “settle” (become consistent)? Now, keep leafing forward in your journal to see where the next increase happened. Repeat this process until you have a good “feel” for your pup’s patterns.

By that I mean, how many days does it take for a new dose to settle in? Is it the same each time? Or does it happen faster the closer you get to your “sweet spot”? This may seem tedious, but it’s the only way to learn your dog’s patterns.

Now you can repeat this process with food. And again with any other changes that you’ve made. Once you know how long each of these things takes, you’ll know what to expect going forward.

Nothing is ever easy with a diabetic dog, so knowing as much as you can about your pup will take some of the panic out of your journey.

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