​The PetTest Genteel For Your Diabetic Dog

Posted by Nancy For PetTest, AAHA Certified Diabetes Educator on Jul 7th 2020

​The PetTest Genteel For Your Diabetic Dog

It’s HERE! After about 9 months of collaboration, the PetTest Genteel is available now for pre-order! "What’s different about this one" you ask? It has been formulated for pets specifically, so it’s quieter, it’s less expensive, and just as user friendly as the original. It uses any lancet that is square on the bottom. What could be better than that?!

It all started in Germany about 9 months ago. PetTest's President was walking the floor of a show and noticed Dr. Chris Jacobs in his Genteel booth. He walked over and introduced himself and a collaboration was born! Dr. Jacobs was already very familiar with PetTest, so it wasn’t a “tough sell”.

The Genteel is a lancing device that is a “game changer” for those that have trouble getting blood to test blood glucose at home. If you have an issue getting a blood drop from your pup, this device is going to rock your world!

What’s so great about it? It’s painless! It uses vacuum technology to bring the blood drop to the surface. And this model being specifically designed for pets, so it’s super quiet! If you aren’t familiar with the Genteel, you’ll want to watch some of the videos that are available on YouTube.

There are also coupon codes available on the bigger Facebook groups. You can pre-order now!

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