​Halloween and Your Diabetic Dog

Posted by Nancy for PetTest, AAHA Certified Diabetes Educator on Sep 30th 2020

​Halloween and Your Diabetic Dog

I know that I don’t have to mention that sharing your Halloween candy with your sugar baby is a very bad idea. Now you just have to remind your kids and anyone else in your household that it’s a very bad idea too!

I don’t know about you, but Halloween in my house was a bark-fest. I got to the point where I put a table out in front of my house with a huge bowl of candy with a sign that said, “Take 2 pieces”. Then I took the boys into the bedroom and turned out all the lights in the house so that it looked like no one was home. That’s where we stayed until all the trick or treaters were done.

Besides the sugar risk of Halloween, you need to prepare for the “flight risk” also. With your door being opened so many times in an evening, please be careful that your pup stays inside.

Another concern is your walk the next morning. Little kids are prone to dropping things on the sidewalk. So, while walking your pup(s) the next day, keep your eyes sharp and look for any stray pieces of candy on the sidewalk or under shrubs.

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