Helping Hands and Paws

Posted by Melissa for PetTest on Mar 26th 2020

Helping Hands and Paws

I have been in self-quarantine FOREVER (okay only a week) with a cough and general tiredness. I am following the CDC guidelines, and I have one more day before I can blow this pop stand and… well… just GO! Even though I have been at home, I have seen A LOT of wonderful people offering to shop for those at higher risk for serious illness, restaurants giving away food to needy children and displaced workers, and neighbors simply helping each other out. With so many people out of work or stuck at home, and with schools closed, there are a lot of folks out there who may need a little help. Our fellow fur parents might need some help too!

Here are some practical ways we can help our fellow cat and dog lovers: Buy one give one: Low-carb food, litter, whatever you can. If you know a fellow pet owner who has been affected by this, if possible, just leave it at their door for them and let them know. People have been doing this with human items as well, but as my cats would say, if they could, “I am number one, and you, peasant, shall put my needs first!” Maybe even with a righteous hiss or three. Also, please remember your local animal shelters. If you work in one of the “essential” industries and continue to have a stable income, add some extra litter, cat foods, laundry detergent, and, YES, even toys to your list to give to them. If you can adopt or foster, that is also a wonderful way to help. Remember, there have been ZERO cases of COVID-19 in pets. ZERO!

The rush to buy out everything seems to have slowed, at least in my area. It has been reported to me that eggs were finally available and even bread two trips in a row! Grocery stores and other essential retailers are hiring stockers like mad along with warehouses to get merchandise to the public as quickly as possible. A lot of online retailers that carry essentials have shipping delays at this time, but that should start to resolve. If you are symptomatic, please stay home. Ask a neighbor to help, use a delivery service, or guilt your older children into going out for you as needed if they are able.

Thus far, pharmacies still seem to be on track with prescription-level medications, so getting insulin should be easier than toilet paper (at least here in Florida). As an experiment, I ordered a package from India just to see what the shipping time is like internationally. Over the last two weeks, my package has been “bagged” and is sitting in Mumbai. Usually, it is two to three weeks for items from China or India to make it to my door, so bare this in mind if ordering outside your home country whether or not it is an “essential” item such as medication. Other potential delays would be in customs, as most workplaces have staggered their workforces and built in time for extra cleaning. This may also delay shipments.

Overall, being quarantined has not been all that bad. I have been able to spend more time with all my fur babies, and they seem to be very content with their extra peasants around to serve them. I actually miss cooking now, which was just getting on my nerves before all of this. I have tried to treat the time at home like a vacation as much as one can when not feeling so well. I had no need to be tested for the virus as my symptoms were mild and included a low-grade fever and a mild, though annoying, cough. Still, it has been nice to slow down a bit from the usual crazy pace and appreciate the time with my whole family – those with fur and those without. Having the other humans 6 feet away constantly is a little weird, but we have worked around that as much as we can.

I have seen many encouraging signs over the past week of people helping each other. Many of us have come together (at a safe social distance of course) to offer help to those in need. If you need help, do not be afraid to ask for it, and if you can give help, offer it. Even the smallest gesture gives people hope, and a lot of folks need that right now.

As always, the Feline Diabetic Support Group on FB is a great resource with great admins and community members who are caring and very, very helpful.