The Working Fur Parent

Posted by Melissa for PetTest on Nov 7th 2019

The Working Fur Parent

Our cats are independent creatures and usually come around when they want regardless of what we are doing. Our diabetic kitty can be worrisome at first, but there are ways to lessen the anxieties you may have.

You probably have a semi-normal work schedule, and testing/feeding time can be built around that established routine. For those that travel for their job or have an unpredictable schedule, looking into boarding or pet sitting is an option. If you just work some long days, a reliable neighbor or close family member may be able to pop by and handle the testing/feeding at the usual time.

For those worriers, like me, live cameras with internet access are cheaper than ever. I have seen many equipped with microphones so you can literally call your cat from your phone. Most are easy to use and set up. There are all kinds of options compatible with the Alexa, Google Home, or other brand of smart gadget you may already have (very addictive – fair warning – they seem to expand and reproduce like amoeba and are actually very fun to have around). You will probably get a camera shot of their eye as they try to discern where your voice is coming from, but it can provide extra comfort knowing kitty is fine. Be prepared to also be outright ignored, however. Placing the camera with a viewing angle where kitty usually hangs out is a good way to go, because we know, calling a cat by name is a 50-50 shot at best. I can only reliably find my biggest boy if I shake the treat bag when he is off somewhere inside a chair or behind something. We had a lot of scares when he was a kitten, let me tell you!

If you work at home or even close by, stopping home for lunch is an option to check things out, especially at first. For late workers, if you have a responsible teen in the neighborhood that wants some extra money that you can trust, that is another option if you have to work late or get held up unexpectedly. As with pet sitting for vacation, a personal referral is best. Ask a friend, or if your neighborhood uses, you may find reviews and referrals there. Other places to look are and As a bonus, if you do choose to have an as-needed pet sitter, this can develop a longer relationship between yourself, your kitty, and your chosen caregiver. This will certainly help relieve some anxiety if/when you do travel out of town. As a constant worrier, I have found that finding someone reliable as needed and then using the same caregiver during a longer term trip is much, much easier than a meet and greet with a new caregiver before a trip. Sometimes this cannot be helped when emergencies arise, but we can always try.

If you have joined the Feline Diabetic Support Group on FB there are recommendations for all kinds of extra ways to observe and check on kitty for the working fur mom and fur dad.

Next week, let us look at saving some money for those of us on a budget!