Pet Kidney Disease Tests - Cats or Dogs (5 Pack)

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Product Overview


  • Tests for kidney disease in cats and dogs
  • Produced specifically to check urine in cats and dogs
  • Highly accurate with results in just 60 seconds
  • Long expiry dates on the Strips supplied
  • Each test strip measures 3 Parameters – Specific Gravity, Protein and Creatinine

What You'll Receive:

You will receive 5 individually foil sealed strips, specifically designed for testing for kidney disease in the urine of animals, specifically cats and dogs.

Each test strip will check 3 key parameters - Specific gravity, Protein and creatinine – which are excellent indicators of kidney problems in pets and they are identical to the urine tests that your vet would use. It is important that you use specific animal urinalysis strips such as these rather than urinalysis tests that are designed for human use, because the parameters are different.

Why do I need this test?

Chronic kidney disease is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in dogs and cats. Urinalysis is an important tool in disease detection, as well as monitoring and screening animal health. Each ONE STEP KIDNEY CHECK FOR CATS & DOGS measures 3 key parameters in the diagnosis of kidney disease - Specific gravity, Protein and Creatinine.

By checking these 3 parameters, you can calculate the urine protein:creatinine ratio, which measures how much protein is being lost through the kidneys, and how dilute the urine is. Creatinine is excreted by the kidney at a constant rate, which means it can be used as a gauge to assess the rate of excretion of other substances. For example, the urine protein:creatinine ratio measures whether the excretion of protein is greater than expected when compared to the excretion of creatinine. However, losing trace amounts of protein through the kidneys may not be significant if the kidneys are working well otherwise, and the urine is well concentrated. Therefore, it is important to also test the specific gravity of the urine. If the urine is consistently dilute, then even a scant amount of protein in the urine could be an indicator of true kidney disease and even kidney failure.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review