​2020 – The Year of the Kitty

Posted by Melissa for PetTest on Jan 4th 2021

​2020 – The Year of the Kitty

As the year closes, we can all look back on this mystifying insane year with a pandemic, polarized political views, and all kinds of oddities and negative events. We can focus on all of that watching the news, checking social media, and video chatting with our friends and family.

This year, however, has had its positive side – at least for our fur babies. A lot of people are still working from home, and Kitty is getting a whole lot more attention and even a dream job as an administrative assistant in a lot of cases (not that YOU had a choice in the matter, but it is good to think we fur parents have control over something – even when we fold like cheap lawn chairs at every opportunity). Some of us humans have discovered that working from home is great or awful depending on your personality and job function. Companies are seeing first-hand that their processes can still function with folks working from home! This one is a boon for all of us who have worked at home or really, really wanted to. Now, for many jobs, YOU CAN!

This year, we have been able to handle a pandemic, special needs Kitty(s), a complete change in how business is done, social distancing, voting by mail, masks, small business struggles and closures, mandates, temporary lockdowns, etc. Some of us even handled COVID-19 itself! So, yeah, we have been through a few things in 2020. I even have to admit, that due to my own issues with COVID-19, I got behind on well visits for the fur babies. It is a minor delay, and my veterinarian is very short-staffed at times. If this has happened to you, it is okay. Immunizations don’t wear off a year or three to the day (depending on the version you chose), and we have to keep ourselves healthy and safe for Kitty. We should not, of course, skip the vaccinations, but if we have to delay due to illness or waiting on a veterinarian office schedule opening, there is no reason to panic.

One of the biggest benefits I have seen during this year has been really getting time with my family – quality time we may not have had otherwise. As well, I have had a lot more time to just watch my kitties. Their interactions among one another are ever changing, and I am amazed by how much the younger kitties observe the older ones. My smallest, Gwen, imitates everything my older tabby, Zeus, does. My baby kitties are learning perhaps a little too well, but so far, not much has been broken.

We have also been able to keep a closer eye on Kitty’s blood glucose, diet, and behavior. I have been tempted to over-obsess on a few occasions! In being with Kitty a lot more, I have found myself fussing over every little change in behavior, from their sleeping habits, playtime, eating, and even how they are walking. These are all things to keep an eye on certainly, but I have fallen into the giant vat of worry and panic over very minor changes for Kitty to return to their normal self the next morning. As an example, last night, we noticed our Chihuahua was favoring his back leg. My mind goes running through sprains, potential for injury, trying to remember if he fell, etc. This morning, he is walking completely fine. I should have taken a step back and thought this may be nothing, as he was in no distress other than favoring the leg. The same thing happens with the kitties once in a while, but I had to give Brutus at least one honorable mention.

Everyone is talking about how 2020 is almost over, and I understand the excitement. However, COVID is not going to magically disappear on January 1, 2021. We are still going to be making adjustments, social distancing, and dealing with this pandemic for quite a long time. We can make it better by keeping in contact with our close and extended family members, remain calm, and follow the CDC guidelines and any mandates that come out in our area.

So, my New Year’s resolution, is to focus on the positive. As bad as things have been, I still look forward to a nuzzle from my Bucky, playtime with Friday and Gwen every evening, and watching Zeus roll in catnip.

As with all crazy bad things, this too shall pass (eventually). Keep yourselves safe and healthy! I wish all of you and the fur babies every bit of luck and happiness in 2021!

As always, Feline Diabetes Support Group on FB is always available for support for questions, venting, and all things sugar Kitty with details and help for the concerned fur parent.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention how helpful my household family has been through this whole mess. They have all come together to help out so much this year. So, Greg, Rose, Alex – you guys totally rock!