PetTest Christmas Eve Sale Wishlist

Posted by Michelle for PetTest, AAHA Certified Diabetes Educator on Dec 22nd 2023

PetTest Christmas Eve Sale Wishlist

PetTest Christmas Eve Sale Wishlist

Getting ready for another fabulous sale from PetTest along with the announcement and preorder of two new products! Please take a couple minutes to go through this Christmas Eve Sale Wishlist and print up the checklist on the last page! 

Make sure you check your emails for the PetTest Christmas Eve Sale announcement! Happy Shopping!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please start a conversation below.

Until next week stay comfy, don’t stress and you got this!

Michelle Miller-Matlock

AAHA Certified Diabetes Educator

Founder/Administrator of DDO: Diabetic Dog Owners University

Administrator of Diabetic Dog Owners on Facebook

Want to learn all you can in a simple and easy to follow format? Please join DDO-U: Diabetic Dog Owners University , graciously sponsored by PetTest.

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Do you need a blood glucose meter kit for your diabetes arsenal? Click here to purchase one if you live in the USA. Click here to purchase a meter kit if you live in Canada.

PetTest USA link:

Link to PetTest Canada:

If you live in Australia, Wantsa Medical offers PetTest products.

UK residents can purchase PetTest Supplies from Home Health UK.

New Zealand now has PetTest products through VetPost.

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