​A Walk Down Memory Lane

Posted by Michelle for PetTest, AAHA Certified Diabetes Educator on May 10th 2024

​A Walk Down Memory Lane

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately, my special boy Frank went over the rainbow bridge a couple of weeks ago and he is now with his girls Bella and Lucy. Thinking about the original three amigos led me to my journey with canine diabetes, how much I have learned, taught others, friendships gained and was given the opportunity to write blogs for PetTest. Writing blogs has further educated me and I have spent countless hours researching and learning…and hopefully you have gained knowledge from them as well.

So I thought this is the perfect time to share some of my favorites, grab a cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage and let’s jump right in! And don’t forget that all these blogs are printable!

The History of Diabetes Mellitus

I wrote this blog in November 2021, November is diabetes awareness month and I wanted to shed light on how long diabetes mellitus had been documented, the discovery of where the body secreted insulin, when insulin was finally extracted for use and the history of testing supplies for home use.

The Discovery of Insulin

Published in November 2021 during diabetes awareness month. The road to the discovery of insulin is really interesting and was only discovered a little over a hundred years ago! A must read for anyone that deals with diabetes mellitus.

The Most Special Dog Ever

A blog celebrating the reason that I started this this path…Lucy the most special dog ever!

Treating Pancreatitis and Preventing Flare-ups

An important read, our diabetic dogs are prone to pancreatitis and many have had this illness. A quick breakdown of what the pancreas does, what pancreatitis is and how to prevent flare-ups.

Functions of the Canine Liver

We don’t really think of the liver when we deal with diabetes, but the liver is such an important organ and is the workhorse of the body!

Glucose: What Is It, How It's Made and Why It's Needed

If you want to learn all about glucose and why we all need it, this is a great read!

Curve Day! How and Why We Need to Perform Blood Glucose Curves

Running curves is a crucial part of managing canine diabetes. This blog explains why and how to run curves. There are also printable charts.

TESTING, TESTING, TESTING! Blood Glucose Testing Videos

We cannot run curves without testing blood glucose levels and sometimes getting a good blood sample can be tough. This blog wasn’t possible without the members of our Facebook group, Diabetic Dog Owners. The videos were volunteered and truly appreciated.

The Difficult Dog – Tips on Testing & Injecting

Not every dog is as easy as Lucy was to test and inject. This blog has some really great tips from people that have difficult dogs…a must read for anyone having difficulty with testing blood glucose levels and/or injecting insulin.

Introducing the PetTest Syringe Finder

Sometimes syringes can be confusing, especially when we are new to diabetes. This is an awesome interactive presentation that will guide you to the correct syringes, you just answer several question.

Filling PetTest Blood Glucose Test Strips

Another very important blog! When we start this diabetic journey many of us have never had to give an injection or test blood glucose. Filling test strips can be confusing and it is really common that us newbies get error readings. This blog breaks it all down visually.

There are so many blogs and these are only several of my favorites, I love writing blogs and educating readers…if you have a question or suggestion, please let me know. You can comment below!

For a printable version of this blog click here.

Until next week stay comfy, don’t stress and you got this!

Michelle Miller-Matlock

AAHA Certified Diabetes Educator

Founder/Administrator of DDO: Diabetic Dog Owners University

Administrator of Diabetic Dog Owners on Facebook

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